The Sky Is Pink Movie Story In Hindi | Release Date, Cast, Crew, Trailer, Review

The Sky Is Pink Movie Story In Hindi
The Sky Is Pink Movie Story In Hindi : हेलो  भाई लोग आज मै आपको थे स्काई इस पिंक  के बारे में बताने जा रहा हु की ये मूवी की स्टोरी क्या है कौन कौन कास्ट है और कौन क्रू है और साथ में ट्रेलर और स्टोरी भी रहेगा। The Sky Is Pink Movie Story In Hindi

The Sky Is Pink Movie Release  Date : 11 October 2019

The Sky Is  Pink Cast 

The Sky Is  Pink Cast
  • प्रियंका चोपड़ा
  • ज़ैरा वसीम
  • फरहान अख्तर

अन्य कलाकारों:

  • रोहित सराफ
  • ब्रायन नाथन

  • सैमी जॉन हेनी

The Sky IS Pink Crew 

  • अजय अरोड़ा
  • अंकिता बत्रा
  • प्रियंका चोपड़ा
  • रॉबर्ट फ्रीडलैंड
  • दीपक गावड़े
  • विक्रम नाथ गुप्ता
  • माइकल होगन
  • मैरी सी। जेम्स
  • सिद्धार्थ रॉय कपूर
  • किलियन केर्विन
  • सौरभ खंडेलवाल
  • जॉन पेनोटी
  • रॉनी स्क्रूवाला

The Sky Is Pink Trailer

The Sky Is Pink Movie Story In Hindi थे स्काई इस पिंक मूवी स्टोरी एक लव स्टोरी
है और इस =लव स्टोरी में बहुत स्ट्रगल है जैसे की प्रिंकया चोपड़ा और इसका जो बॉयफ्रेंड है वो लोग चुप चुप के मिलते है और फिर इन लोग सेक्स कर लेते है एंड प्रियंक चोप्रा प्रेग्नेंट हो जाती है और फिर उन लोग का शाद्दी हो जाता है घर में इस रिश्ते को मंजूरी मिल जाती है या ये लोग भाग जाती है ये कहना मुश्किल है पर ये लोग साथ में रहते है और पप्रियंका चोपड़ा बचे को जनम देती है है फिर इन लोग के घर वाले इसको एक्सेप्ट कर लेते है और फिर इसकी बेटी जब बरी होती है तब इन लोग के लाइफ में बहुत दिक्क्त आती है क्युकी जो लड़की जनम ली थी उसको जानलेवा बिमारी रहती है और उसकी बीमारी के खर्चमे इन लोग का आर्थिक इस्थिति बिगड़ जाती है क्युकी बची के इलाज में बहुत पैसा खर्च होता है फिर एक दिन ऐसा होता है की इन दोनों में काफी लड़ाई होती है पर प्यार तो रहता ही है न पर बची जो रहती है वो दंगल मूवी की एक्टर है वही इस मूवी में काम की है और वो खुद को इस मूवी में सबसे परेशानी समझती है क्युकी उसकी जनम लेने के बाद ही इतना प्रॉब्लम फेस करना पउसकी पेरेंट्स को पर लास्तलय सब ठीक हो जाता है और वो बची इतनी मस्तीखोर रहती है की वो एक दिन अपनी मम्मी से पूछती है की क्या आप लोग सबसे पहले सेक्स कब किये थे तो प्रियंक चोपड़ा दांग रह जाती है और इसी तरह से मूवी कम्पलीट हो जाती है. The Sky Is Pink Movie Story In Hindi

The Sky Is Pink Movie Story In Hindi The Sky Is Pink Movie Story A Love Story Is and this  love story is very straggle like as Prinkaya Chopra and her boyfriends meet silently and then they have sex and Priyanka Chopra becomes pregnant and then they get married This at home.

It is difficult to say if the relationship is approved or these people run away, but these people live together and Praprianka Chopra gives birth to the survivors, then the family of these people accept it and then their daughter is acquitted. Then there is a lot of difficulty in the life of these people, because the girl who was born has a fatal illness and the cost of their illness is theirs

The financial situation deteriorates because a lot of money is spent in the treatment of the survivor, then one day it happens that there is a lot of fighting between them, but love remains, but the one who remains is the actor of the Dangal movie I have worked and she considers herself the most troublesome in this movie as it is only after taking her birth that she has to face such a problem.

Everything goes well and she is so much fun that she asks her mother one day that when did you guys first have sex, Priyank Chopra is stunned and this is how the movie completes.

The Sky Is Pink Movie Story In Hindi : For the individuals who like head-on, vivid enthusiastic encounters at the films, The Sky Is Pink might be an immediate hit. It makes much a greater number of requests on the heartstrings than the primary movie from author chief Shonali Bose, her moving however progressively moderate 2014 Netpac-victor, Margarita With a Straw, about an explicitly alive young lady with handicaps. Here Bose and Nilesh Maniyar’s screenplay is firmly founded on the genuine story of Aisha Chaudhary, a young person with pneumonic fibrosis whose cherishing guardians committed their lives to helping her get by; truth be told, the end credits move over agonizingly happy photographs of the Chaudhary family.

Despite the fact that Bose evades drama, she agrees to nostalgia in an indulgent story that spotlights not on the wiped out young lady yet on her folks, played in warm romantic comedy design by Bollywood stars Priyanka Chopra Jonas (Mary Kom) and Farhan Akhtar. This Hindi-language festivity of family solidarity and altruism in a tough situation reserve it for Indian spectators in and outside India, where Chopra Jonas and Akhtar are significant dramatic draws. It bowed at a Gala screening in Toronto before an early October discharge in India. The Sky Is Pink Movie Story In Hindi

The long story is bashfully described by Aisha, who is obvious from the beginning that she’s talking from past the grave, yet “it’s no major ordeal.” There’s no self centeredness in her voice as she tenderly discloses to her biography and translates her family’s sentiments and intentions. Or maybe irritatingly, she demands calling her mom, Aditi (cheerful, unyielding Chopra Jonas), “Moose” and her dad, Niren (a hyper-dependable Farhan Akhtar), “Panda.” The two have made a blended standing affection marriage that, however disliked by society, ties them firmly together.

As a youthful wedded couple living with his folks on a beautiful Delhi housetop (sign a concise routine), they have just had one child, Ishaan, and have lost a little girl not long after birth because of an uncommon immune system issue. At the point when Aditi finds she’s pregnant once more, Niren needs her to have a fetus removal, but since she’s changed over to Christianity after a “supernatural encounter,” she demands carrying the child to term. Little Aisha ends up having a similar ailment as her sister, with the equivalent miserable anticipation. Her solitary possibility is to experience costly treatment in London that the family can’t manage. (Abnormally, the English specialist at the London kids’ medical clinic addresses them in familiar Hindi.) The Sky Is Pink Movie Story In Hindi

His voice breaking, Niren makes an intrigue on London’s Sunrise Radio, adjusting the Indian people group. They need 120,000 pounds for a bone marrow transplant to spare Aisha’s life, and the reaction is overpowering. The child is spared — however her condition is so fragile she can’t leave London for a long time. She has likewise had chemotherapy medications which, they are cautioned, could have results later on.

We are just toward the start of Aisha’s adventure when the story goes thinking about something else to pursue Niren and Aditi’s marriage. To spare his activity and care for Ishaan, Niren reluctantly comes back to Delhi, leaving Aditi and Aisha in London. Their long-separation marriage unfurls in open telephone stalls (it’s the 1980s) and endures a conjugal emergencies. There is an undertold quality to this piece of the film, with the two entertainers relaxing the edges of the troublesome circumstance with their appeal.

At long last Niren, who has done surprisingly wealthy screen in the café business, gets moved to London as a major chief. The family’s financial ascent is quick, and when they come back to Delhi with high school Aisha (Zaira Wasim), they move into a major new house with a pool. The overprotective Aditi stresses over each germ her girl experiences and plans to satisfy her, while Aisha battles for her opportunity to be a typical youngster searching for adoration. At that point she has a wellbeing mishap that sends the film into an agonizing finale that gradually unfurls. In a teary epilog, Niren indicates family recordings of more joyful occasions.

The title originates from a scene at Ishaan’s school, when he is derided for shading the sky pink in a drawing. “You can shading the sky any shading you need,” says Chopra furiously, communicating her family’s hypothesis of life. Brandishing an easygoing pig tail as a more youthful lady and a short wig in later years, she’s attractive on screen even as a restless mother. Akhtar has the practical intrigue of the ideal spouse what it’s identity is, stated, has “unrestricted love” for his significant other. Taken together, they’re unrealistic.

While a few lively routine successions wink at Bollywood, the consistent utilization of merry popular and down home music to offer some relief is enervating. Five chiefs of photography are credited, maybe representing the film’s notwithstanding lighting look. The Sky Is Pink Movie Story In Hindi

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